7 Creative Ideas to Use Washi Tape

Washi tapes are a great way to add a little bit of color and personality to any project. They can be used for scrapbooking, journaling, card making, and so much more. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with washi tape. If you’ve ever seen washi tape, you know how pretty and versatile it is. But what do you actually do with it? Here are some ideas!

-Use it to wrap presents: This is an especially good idea if you want to make your own wrapping paper. Just find some pretty washi tape and get creative!

-Make your own labels: You can use washi tape to make your own labels for just about anything. Stick them on jars, bottles, boxes, and more!

-Decorate your planner: Washi tape is the perfect way to add a little personality to your planner. Use it to decorate the pages or make your own tabs!

-Create art: Let your creativity flow and use washi tape to make some art! This could be anything from a simple design to a complex masterpiece. Wrap it around a vase or other object to add some color. Decorate a picture frame or mirror. Create unique patterns on paper or fabric.

-Get organized: Use washi tape to help you organize your life! Label files, folders, notebooks, and more. You’ll always know where everything is!

-Use as a bookmark: This is such a cute and easy way to keep your place in a book. Just find a pretty piece of washi tape and stick it on your page.

-Make a keychain: This is a great way to use up those smaller pieces of washi tape. Just attach them to a key ring, and you’re good to go! So there you have it! These are just a few ideas of what you can do with washi tape. Get creative and see what other uses you can come up with!


5 Top Uses of Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are a type of decorative tape that originates from Japan. They are made from traditional Japanese paper, which is known for its strength and durability. It is now popular worldwide as a decorative item and is often used in scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafts. Washi tapes can be used for various purposes, both functional and decorative. You may use washi tape, a masking tape, for various projects, including cards, artwork, and diaries. It’s the ideal product to add decorations to your paper, create borders, or use as masking tape.

People adore this vibrant tape, and the reasons for its popularity are straightforward but brilliant: it attaches to practically any surface, can be combined freely and imaginatively, and can be peeled off if something goes wrong or you want a different pattern. Washi tapes come in various colors, patterns, and widths, making them versatile and fun to use.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with washi tape. Here are some ideas:

Decorate a notebook or journal: Use washi tape to add a pop of color or pattern to the cover of a notebook or journal. You can also use it to decorate the pages inside.

Make art: Washi tape is a great medium for making art. Try using it to create patterns or pictures on paper or canvas. You can also use washi tape to decorate picture frames, mirrors, or other home décor items.

Wrap gifts: Wrap gifts with washi tape instead of ribbon for a unique look. You can also use it to make gift tags or embellishments. You can also make custom greeting cards, invitations, or thank you notes by embellishing them with washi tape.

Label everything: Use washi tape to label storage containers, shelves, and cords. It’s a great way to organize your home or office. Wrap washi tape around pencils, pens, or other office supplies. Moroever, you can decorate your phone case, laptop, or other electronics with washi tape.

Make a planner: Washi tape is perfect for decorating planners and calendars. You can use it to mark important dates, make notes, or just add a bit of personality to your planning system.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with washi tape. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and have fun with washi tape!


Washi Tape, Do You Need It?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of washi tape is? Or why it’s such a hit on the social media platform. Let’s find out!

What Exactly is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a kind of decorative masking tape utilized across the craft industry to give items an additional dose of sweetness and shine. Washi tape is traditionally sold on short spools and has a low adhesiveness, making it ideal for use in paper crafts and bullet journals. Washi tape was developed in Japan.

Uses for Washi Tapes:

There are many ways that you can use washi tape. Here are three of the most creative ones!

Art Books:

Artsy books are a solid favorite among mixed media enthusiasts; they provide the ideal chance to forget the conventional constraints and limitations of a card or layout and let you spew out your creative ideas on a page. There is no right or wrong way to make an art book page, and Washi is ideal for adding depth, annotating, and fastening pieces of art altogether.


You may add a sense of creativity to household trinkets and accessories by customizing them using Washi. As you can see in the picture, Lou has given this ordinary candle more individuality by adhering two short strips of Washi tape to its wick; this is a fantastic idea for presents. Not only that, but she has also attached it to her keys to give them a cool appearance.

Greeting Cards:

Washi tape may also be used to make greeting cards that are one-of-a-kind and personalized, much as it can be used to construct gift bags. You can buy a card and dress it up yourself, or you could construct one yourself out of colored cardboard, for instance. Your card may already have a unique look by just adhering a few single strips of tape to its surface. The design does not need to be very elaborate.


Washi Tape Uses

If you are looking for an easy and economical way to brighten up your accessories, living, or workspace, look no further than the simple washi tape. Yes! You heard it right. This simple accessory can be used in so many amazing ways. Let’s learn about the washi tape and how you can use it.

What is washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made out of Japanese rice paper. Some forms of tape are also fashioned out of hemp or bamboo. If you are a crafter, you may have seen the washi tape at stores in stationery or crafts shops. The washi paper is thin and quite durable and comes in many designs and colors so that you can use it for various projects and activities.

Uses of washi tapes

Here are some of the many ways you can use the washi tape.

  • Washi tapes can be used to make amazing wall art. If you are looking for decorating ideas on a budget, you can fashion various kinds of patterns or geometric designs from a washi tape that goes with the theme of your room.
  • Tired of your simple-looking laptop or tablet? Use washi tapes to liven up your smart devices. You can easily scrape it off if you get tired of the design.
  • Washi tapes can be used to make DIY picture frames. You can get the basic ones from the market and use different kinds of washi tapes to make customized designs. The frames will look great and immediately brighten up the space where you place them.
  • You can also personalize your stationery items like your pencils, pens, or markers with the washi tape. This way, you will have customized stationery and won’t lose it easily either.
  • If you are fond of making journals or scrapbooks, you can use the washi type to perk up your simple journals or notebooks.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use washi tapes. They are great for various forms of crafting and decoration project ideas.


Top 3 Uses of Washi Tape

If you are fond of arts and crafts activities, you may have used washi tapes at some point in your life. These colorful, sturdy tapes come in so many colors, sizes, and designs that you can never run out of choice.

 As craft enthusiasts, we often tend to go overboard with buying and collecting supplies and accessories, and if you are one of them, you may have several washi tapes lying around the house. If you are wondering how to use these beautiful washi tapes, here are three creative ways to do so.

DIY bookmark/book tabs

One creative way to use these washi tapes is to make a bookmark with them. Take a hard or chart paper and cut a rectangular piece almost six to eight inches in length. Cut two pieces of washi tapes equal to the length of the paper and paste along the edges. Punch a hole at one end and tie a ribbon or a loose thread to make a beautiful bookmark.

Similarly, if you want a quick fix for a bookmark, you can cut a small one inch of washi tape and paste it onto the page to mark it. You can use this book tab for journals, diaries, or your notes to keep track of important points.

Personalize your stationery

Tired of losing your pens or pencils all the time? Take a piece of washi tape and wrap it around your pen or pencil or another stationery item. This way, all your accessories will be easily recognizable, and you will not lose them anymore.

Decorate your journals or envelopes

Washi tapes make for great borders for pages or envelopes. These bright, colorful tapes can liven up dull pages or envelopes and enhance their look instantly. So, if you want to instantly perk up your journal or highlight special points, you can use washi tapes to create wonderful designs or patterns on the pages. Similarly, if you want to make a greeting card or use an envelope to make it look brighter or more beautiful, you can use washi tapes.


3 Cool Ways To Create Something New From Washi Tape!

If you’re searching for unique ways to use your washi tape, look no further! In this article, we’ll look at some of the greatest ways to utilize washi tape, from imaginative crafting projects to more.

Washi tape is adaptable and can be used in various areas, so we’ll show you a few of our favorite ways to utilize it!

Spice up your Plain Notebook:

If there’s a plain notepad kicking around the home, use it. A colorful roll of washi tape, on the other hand, may effortlessly change a plain cover into a one-of-a-kind pattern. Use a single tape to cover the area completely in numerous strips or a few zigzags around the surface. It doesn’t matter how you decorate it, but the end product would be amazing!

Revive Old Glass Bottles:

Washi tape may easily be used to embellish glass or metal bottles. Simply wrap it around to create a completely different appearance. This application is ideal for wedding dinners or other occasions, and the colors can be matched with the flower arrangement. Of course, an old can may be simply transformed into a lovely pen or pencil holder by wrapping it around. It’s also detachable, so you may try again and again if you don’t like the final product.

Use for Creative Wall Décor:

The use of washi tape can be used to make some very beautiful wall art! In order to make some interesting art, you may use washi tapes that are centered on a particular theme, such as boho washi tape or geometric washi tape, and stick tiny pieces of these tapes to your closet or wall to create some great art.

So who are you waiting for? Get yourself some washi tape and start decorating!


The Many Ways To Use Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are decorative tapes that come in many unique designs and colors. They are usually made out of natural elements and have adhesive properties. You can use them for various purposes, particularly arts and crafts. While they are quite inexpensive, they can immediately perk up anything you add them to.

You might have seen them in stationery stores in arts and crafts sections. If you have never used them, you might be wondering what they are exactly and how you can use them. Well, no need to keep wondering as we are here to help. Read on to learn more about their properties and various uses.

What are washi tapes?

As suggested earlier, washi tapes are adhesive tapes used for embellishing purposes. Washi tapes are quite thin and durable made out of rice paper or other natural substances like bamboo or hemp. You can use them on multiple surfaces, including paper, plastic, wood and even metal. While they stick easily, you can just as easily remove them from the surface too.

Washi tapes come in various sizes, colors, designs and patterns. The versatility in their design makes them suitable for various projects and activities. 

How to use them

You may be amazed by the number of ways you can use the washi tapes. Here are a few ideas

  • Want to perk up your wall? Use a washi tape to make geometric patterns and paint the segmented sections in various colors to create an artistic impact.
  • You can use washi tapes to make customized diaries or notebooks. A plain notebook can immediately become a cool accessory with the addition of a washi tape.
  • Looking for a bookmark for your book? Simply take a piece of cardboard or hard paper and add designs with washi tapes to make an instant DIY bookmark.
  • You can create unique wall art with frames or posters adorned with washi tapes. It makes for a unique yet inexpensive way to decorate your room.
  • You can also decorate your personal belongings like your folders, pencils or your pencil case with a little washi tape to make them unique and cool at the same time.
  • You can also use washi tapes to make customized stickers for your home accessories like mugs, trays, etc. 

These are just some of the ways you can use washi tape. We are sure you can come up with a lot more ways to use them.


Washi Tape And Its Uses

What Is Washi Tape? How Do We Use Washi Tape?

Similar to masking tape but prettier, washi tape is an adhesive tape used to decorate projects. A variety of plants, including ganpi, kozo, and even marijuana, may be used to make this fabric.

In contrast to many plastic-based tapes, Washi tape is biodegradable and reusable. Even though it’s waterproof and robust, you may easily shred it with your hands. Removing it from a surface is usually all that is required.

Of course, Washi tape’s most essential feature is its aesthetic appeal. It is available in just about every color or design you can think of, making it ideal for adding a decorative touch to just about anything.

What is Washi Tape Used For?

While there is no right or wrong way to utilize washi tape, certain objects lend themselves to it better than others. You may use washi tape to hold objects down, create ornamental stripes, or liven up a page in scrapbooks.

Washi tape also looks great with gift wrap, particularly solid-colored or simple-patterned gift wrap. Nobody will notice your shoddy wrapping since they’ll be too preoccupied with the lovely washi tape.

You may use washi tape to create beautiful wall art. This is particularly true if you rent and are unable to paint or nail anything to the walls. You can also build a gorgeous picture or poster frame using washi tape—just tape around the borders with your favorite design, and you’ve got an instant frame.

Reasons To Like Washi Tape

There’s no need to use sharp scissors because washi tape is easy to tear by hand. It’s also great for writing if plain paper isn’t your thing. A lot of people like Washi tape because it is very strong. It is waterproof and heatproof, and it lasts a long time.


Washi Tapes And Their Various Uses

Japanese masking tapes were also referred to as decorative tapes, used for various arts and crafts projects. The concept of washi tapes originated in Japan, and they were made out of rice paper. Nowadays, these tapes are commonly available at various arts and crafts stores and are used for various purposes.

Why use washi tapes.

With time as their designs evolved, washi tapes were considered for use in multiple ways. Since these tapes are quite easily available and are quite economically priced, it makes them the ideal choice for various arts and crafts projects.

Moreover, they are easy to use and are also quite durable and hence can be used to create art and craft items that are long-lasting. Nowadays, these washi tapes come in various designs and vibrant colors, which make them a popular choice for arts and crafts activities.

It can also be quite fun to experiment with washi tapes and create different designs and crafts, making them an artists’ favorite. From the vibrant stripes to geometrical and floral patterns, there is plenty you can do with a washi tape.

Uses of washi tapes

As suggested earlier, there are various ways in which a washi tape can be used. Here are a few ideas for reference

• Embellish scrapbooks by adding washi tape borders and designs
• Make DIY bookmarks
• Decorate your journals or diaries
• Use in gift wrapping to create unique designs
• Decorate your walls or nooks around the house.
• Make pretty labels for diaries, books and folders.
• Make DIY cards and create designs through various kinds of washi tapes
• Wrap around your pencils to avoid losing them
• Make photo frames or wall frames and add borders through washi tapes to make vibrant designs.
• Make creative and unique wall art and designs or decorate your doors

As you can see, there are several ways you can use the humble washi tapes. So the next time you are visiting a stationary or arts and crafts store, do get your hands on some washi tapes and have fun creating various arts and crafts projects with them.


What Is Washi Tape?

If you are into arts and crafts, you might find washi tapes very interesting. Washi tapes are like masking tapes that are not only flexible but also durable. You may find a wide range of washi tapes designs in different patterns, textures, colors and dimensions in various arts and crafts shops.

The term washi is derived from Japanese, whereby “wa” means Japanese and “shi” means paper. While it may have originated in Japan, you may find various kinds of washi tapes in arts and crafts shops around the world.

Uses of washi tape

These adhesive tapes can be used in multiple ways in various DIY art projects. Here are some ways in which you can use washi tapes.


Washi tapes make the perfect adornment for your journals or scrapbooks. You can use washi tapes to decorate journals or scrapbooks. You can create borders or make collages through multiple colors, designs and patterns of washi tapes.

Gifts wrapping and Greeting cards

Want to wrap your gifts in a unique way? Use a washi tape with plain paper and make designs. They are great for making even the plainest papers into beautiful gift wrapping sheets.

DIY greeting cards are a great way of making someone feel special. You can make them more special with washi tape. You can use the tape to add borders to the cut or cut out letters from the tape and paste them on the card to create a quirky greeting or a personalized message.


If you are fond of DIYs, you have probably made multiple kinds of bookmarks. Try making a different one with the help of a washi tape. Alternatively, you can just stick a bit of washi tape to the top of the page, and you have a page marker or tab ready in an instant.

Décor and item personalization

Once you start experimenting with different designs and colors of washi tapes, you will find yourself getting lost in the endless designs you can create with such a simple craft item. You can even use them to decorate your room by adding birders to frames or making patterned frames for a wall.

Similarly, washi tapes can also be used to personalize various items like stationary etc. You can get washi tapes in a unique design and wrap the edges of your pencils, erasers, or even sharpeners to let everyone know they belong to you.