Where is the best place for washi tape if you want a low price?

washi tape

Many people love using Japanese washi tape for all kinds of craft projects, as well as for use in scrapbooks and on stationary. The problem comes in when many people look at the prices of washi tape.

There are places where you can find a huge selection of washi tape, however, and at prices you can actually afford. You just have to know where to look.

Shopping for washi tape online — The best place to buy washi tape is online. You may think that means at shops in Japan, but it does not.

In fact, if you buy your Japanese washi tape from an online supplier in Japan, you will often find you are paying high prices. This is because many of them have bricks and mortar stores, so have high operating costs they have to pass onto online customers. It is also because shipping from Japan can be expensive.

That is why, if you are looking for a good selection of cute washi tape, it is best to buy from a non-Japanese supplier instead.

Japanese kawaii product sellers in the U.S. and Europe — Nowadays, there are people that sell a huge variety of Japanese kawaii products online, but they are not based in Japan.

Instead, these people buy from Japanese sellers and then sell their products in their own online shops. As most of them do not have bricks and mortar stores, they can also pass their savings onto their customers. That means, for someone like you, you can get your washi tape at affordable prices.

Finding the right sellers — Finding sellers of kawaii products is easy as well. Just join an online forum dedicated to kawaii, and you will find hundreds of consumers that can tell you exactly where online to shop.