Washi Tape


What is washi tape?

Washi is Japanese for paper. Washi paper tends to be stronger than traditional paper and is used in paper crafts such as origami and card making. Washi tape was created when an adhesive was placed on the back of the paper. Washi tape is often confused with masking tape, but they are two different kinds of tape.

Types and styles

Washi tape comes in various colors and decorative styles. Washi tape comes in glitter and metallic colors as well as every color of the rainbow. The tape comes in cartoon characters and other popular icons. The tapes that are hand painted are beautiful and worth adding to any collection.

What to make with washi tape

Washi tape can add a decorative touch to just about any DIY project. It is one of those craft items that you did not know you needed until you tried some. Washi tape is a perfect additional to plain wrapping paper. This tape is the new best friend for any scrapbooker. The tape could be used to enhance borders, as a decorative stripe on a page, or in any other way you can think of. Make sure that the tape that you use is acid free. Most tapes are, but double check.

Not just for crafts

Washi tape is not just for crafts. It can also be a fun way to get your office and home organized. The tape can be written on with any permanent pen or maker. Consider using it to label folders and containers. Use it to mark important dates on the calendar or assigned a different tape to each person in the family. Not only will the calendar be pretty, it will be easy for everyone to read. Click onĀ washi tape for more details.