What is washi tape and where can you use it?


What is washi tape and where can you use it?

If you do handicrafts, scrap-booking, interior design or any number of other design-style or creative activities, you may have been told to look into using washi tape.

What is washi tape? — This is the name of an adhesive tape that usually comes from Japan.

Washi tape is made from paper, and comes in an infinite number of colors, styles and patterns. The tape is loved by creative people, as it can be used in an infinite number of ways as well. It is also surprisingly strong, sticks to just about any surface and stays there.

What can you use washi tape for? — As it is such a beautiful looking tape, people often use it to cover ugly items they would not normally want to have in their home.

Washi tape can be applied to lampshades to create an entirely new-looking shade. It can be attached to bookshelves to create paper covered shelves. It can be taped around doors, on books, on kitchen accessories, on refrigerator doors and even on storage jars to make them look pretty.

Many people also use washi tape in their scrap-booking activities to make their scrapbooks look beautiful. It can also be used in just about any art project.

Where can you buy washi tape? — You can order it directly from a company in Japan, but that often tends to be expensive and with slow delivery times.

That is why many people now order their washi tape from western companies that sell Japanese office supplies, stationery and other paper products. Delivery is fast, and many of them have a website.