Top 3 Uses of Washi Tape

If you are fond of arts and crafts activities, you may have used washi tapes at some point in your life. These colorful, sturdy tapes come in so many colors, sizes, and designs that you can never run out of choice.

 As craft enthusiasts, we often tend to go overboard with buying and collecting supplies and accessories, and if you are one of them, you may have several washi tapes lying around the house. If you are wondering how to use these beautiful washi tapes, here are three creative ways to do so.

DIY bookmark/book tabs

One creative way to use these washi tapes is to make a bookmark with them. Take a hard or chart paper and cut a rectangular piece almost six to eight inches in length. Cut two pieces of washi tapes equal to the length of the paper and paste along the edges. Punch a hole at one end and tie a ribbon or a loose thread to make a beautiful bookmark.

Similarly, if you want a quick fix for a bookmark, you can cut a small one inch of washi tape and paste it onto the page to mark it. You can use this book tab for journals, diaries, or your notes to keep track of important points.

Personalize your stationery

Tired of losing your pens or pencils all the time? Take a piece of washi tape and wrap it around your pen or pencil or another stationery item. This way, all your accessories will be easily recognizable, and you will not lose them anymore.

Decorate your journals or envelopes

Washi tapes make for great borders for pages or envelopes. These bright, colorful tapes can liven up dull pages or envelopes and enhance their look instantly. So, if you want to instantly perk up your journal or highlight special points, you can use washi tapes to create wonderful designs or patterns on the pages. Similarly, if you want to make a greeting card or use an envelope to make it look brighter or more beautiful, you can use washi tapes.