Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a decorative Japanese tape made of tree shrubs. It’s great that it’s biogradabile but even if it wasn’t this decorative tape is fanastic for decorating things.

For example, one easy to use technique is to take a small, round, waterfloating candle (tea candles) perhaps around six of them, and use different decorative Washi tape around the edges.

Its super easy, and they make great Christmas gifts.

Decorating hair slides is another easy technique. Just add washi tape, cut off the excess and fold. Add a little glitter nail polish to it and let it dry. You’ve got yourself a custom hair barette.

Want to produce cute bookmarks? Take a paperclip and a strip of washi tape. Fold the tape over so that both sides are covered equally. The paperclip, of course, hangs on the inside, but outside, it’s decorated.

A great back to school project for you, or as gifts, is using washi tape to produce decorative pencils. You simple put the pencil on a desk and peel off some washi tape the4 size of the pencil. You then delicately roll the pencil onto the tape so it sticks. Cut off the edges and you have cool back to school gifts.

Have a photo or image from your computer but no frame. No problem. Just lay down a thick piece of paper, cut the image to fit, then along all four edges, use washi tape.

Have some plain jars. You can decorate them into prize, decorative containers with washi tape. Decorate your jars with alternating strips of washi tape, cut off the edges, and you have a thousand different decorative jars and vases.