Washi Tapes

The Fun and Wonderful World of Washi Tape

Would you like to decorate items with colorful Washi Tape? Avoid the boring tape that ruins the look of a gift box or special handicraft. Be the envy of your family and friends with wonderful colored, patterned Washi Tape.

Fun Pastel Colors

When you compare the best handicrafts with one another, you can see a decided difference between those using just regular masking tape and those using Washi Masking Tape. You can mix-and-match, blending colors and patterns with Washi Tape.

Creative Washi Patterns

Have fun with the Flags Washi Tape or Rain Washi Tape. These can make your birthday gift stand out from the others. The recipient will want to open it first. You can go with the basic single pastel colors on the tape, if you want to be simple.

Luxury Foil Masking Tape

The Foil Masking Tape is for a luxury present. It might be ideal for a wedding or anniversary gift. The Cute Pattern Paper Washi Tape allows you to add your personal touch to handicrafts, gifts and presents.

Seasonal Washi Tape Patterns

When the flowers are out and the birds are singing, you could celebrate with Feather Washi Tape. Or, show your love with the Cute Leaf Decorative Masking Tape. It is great for autumn. You could cover the entire year with a Four Seasons Washi Tape pack.

Delicious Donut

Children love sweets, don’t they? The Delicious Donut Masking Tape is just the right way to get their taste buds excited for their party sweets. Use this decoration to celebrate your good times.

Flowers Blossom Tape

Don’t you love the fresh scent of flowers? The Kawaii Pen Shop gives you plenty of great ways to celebrate. Choose from the Floral Masking Tape, Floral Paradise Masking Tape or Flower Garden Masking Tape. Have fun with washi tape.