Washi Tape vs. Good Ole Scotch Tape

If you are not a crafter or into scrapbooking, you have probably never even heard of Washi Tape. You can deduce that it is a kind of tape, but what actually is it? What does it do? Why do people use it?

Washi Tape is basically decorative scotch tape, but better. It’s origins are Japanese, but it used around the world. Washi tape has started to become popular recently because of the cute custom designs and the stickiness of the tape. It is pretty, inexpensive, decorative paper masking tape that is thin, strong, and unlike typical tape which is made from tree pulp it is made from natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. If you don’t like clear and transluscent tape like we are all used to, then this is the tape for you. It comes in hundreds of colors, textures and patterns and all sizes easily adhere to many surfaces including wood, plastic,and metal. Even better is that it is easy to remove and will not cause any damage.

So why use it? Washi tape is great for all kinds of DIY projects and is easily used to decorate really almost anything from pencils and notebooks to adding a little decor to your gift wrapping. If you have a journal or a scrapbook you can easily mark pages to organize it better or frame pages to add a little spark and attention. Washi Tape is available in many places both in the well know big box stores and on many sites online.