Where to Buy Washi Tape for an Affordable Price


Where to buy washi tape for an affordable price

If you love using washi tape but cannot afford to fly to Japan to buy all the tape you need, you are probably looking for a shop that sells it at an affordable price.

That is why you should stop looking for your next order of washi tape in offline stationery shops, and look on the Internet instead.

Shops in Japan, Europe and the United States — There are thousands of shops selling washi tape on the Internet. Some of them are in Japan, while others are in Europe and the United States.

All of these shops combined have hundreds of thousands of different designs of washi tape to choose from so, if you get online, you should easily be able to find exactly the type of washi tape you like.

Shops in Japan — While, of course, the shops in Japan will usually have the most styles and types of washi tape, they are also often some of the most expensive.

This is simply due to the cost of living in Japan, and the typical markup a Japaneee shop employs.

Shops in Europe and the U.S. — Interestingly, shops in Europe and the U.S. often sell washi tape at lower prices than Japan.

This is because they buy it from the same warehouses but, as the cost of living and taxes are often lower in European countries and the U.S. than in Japan, they can still keep their costs low.

Search for stores offering free shipping — As Kawaii products, including washi tape tend to be lightweight, some online stores even offer free shipping worldwide.

Find a store that does, and you will immediately be able to afford more washi tape and other Kawaii products than you have been able to afford in the past.