Washi Tape: The New Craft Essential

Washi tape is a thin tape made from rice fibers.

It was created in Japan, where the word “washi” means paper. Washi tape was marketed as masking tape and sold under the brand, “MT” by the Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd in Japan. In 2006, spurred on by requests for more colors, Kokoshi added colors and patterns to the masking tape. Today, this inexpensive tape is available in craft stores and other retailers in the USA as well as online. A variety of widths and lengths are available.

Washi tape is strong, durable, and flexible due to the plant fibers. Because of the nature of the adhesive, the tape can be easily removed and repositioned.

It sticks to almost any surface, including wood, plastic, glass, and metal, and does not leave a sticky residue when removed. Available in many colors and patterns, washi tape is used for decorating cards and envelopes, folded into origami creatures, or used as painter’s tape. Are you having a party? Add a name or initials to glasses. You are limited only by your imagination.

Sometimes referred to as crafting tape, it adds a personal touch to canisters, lunch boxes and bags, and wedding favors. Washi tape is an inexpensive way to let your inner creativity out. Add a bit of whimsy to a lunchbox or make a pen elegant or customize your water bottle.
The tape is available in many colors, patterns, and metallics, it is an essential item to add to your craft box or keep in the desk drawer.