What Is Washi Tape?

If you are into arts and crafts, you might find washi tapes very interesting. Washi tapes are like masking tapes that are not only flexible but also durable. You may find a wide range of washi tapes designs in different patterns, textures, colors and dimensions in various arts and crafts shops.

The term washi is derived from Japanese, whereby “wa” means Japanese and “shi” means paper. While it may have originated in Japan, you may find various kinds of washi tapes in arts and crafts shops around the world.

Uses of washi tape

These adhesive tapes can be used in multiple ways in various DIY art projects. Here are some ways in which you can use washi tapes.


Washi tapes make the perfect adornment for your journals or scrapbooks. You can use washi tapes to decorate journals or scrapbooks. You can create borders or make collages through multiple colors, designs and patterns of washi tapes.

Gifts wrapping and Greeting cards

Want to wrap your gifts in a unique way? Use a washi tape with plain paper and make designs. They are great for making even the plainest papers into beautiful gift wrapping sheets.

DIY greeting cards are a great way of making someone feel special. You can make them more special with washi tape. You can use the tape to add borders to the cut or cut out letters from the tape and paste them on the card to create a quirky greeting or a personalized message.


If you are fond of DIYs, you have probably made multiple kinds of bookmarks. Try making a different one with the help of a washi tape. Alternatively, you can just stick a bit of washi tape to the top of the page, and you have a page marker or tab ready in an instant.

Décor and item personalization

Once you start experimenting with different designs and colors of washi tapes, you will find yourself getting lost in the endless designs you can create with such a simple craft item. You can even use them to decorate your room by adding birders to frames or making patterned frames for a wall.

Similarly, washi tapes can also be used to personalize various items like stationary etc. You can get washi tapes in a unique design and wrap the edges of your pencils, erasers, or even sharpeners to let everyone know they belong to you.