What Is Washi Tape And What Can You Do With It?

1bIf you have been to a large stationary store recently, you may have noticed a decorated or design-filled tape you have not seen before. This is likely to be something called washi tape. A type of craft tape that comes from Japan, but is now very popular in western countries as well.

What exactly is washi tape and what can you do with it? Read on to find out.

What is washi tape? — This is a type of tape that is made from paper and feels a little bit like masking tape but thinner. It comes in different widths, in hundreds of colors and thousands of different designs.

In Japan, washi tape is used for crafts, but it is also used for thousands of other things as well.

What can you do with it? — You can use washi tape to cover an old photograph frame making it bright, beautiful and looking like new.

You can use it for scrapbooking, either on the cover of your scrapbook or inside on a wide number of pages. You can also buy it in hundreds of different designs, so each page in your book looks completely different.

You can wrap it around small wooden pegs and make beautiful clips. They can then be used to hang photographs on a piece of string draped down your wall.

It can be used to cover an old cardboard box, making it look elegant and perfect for holding pens or keeping your magazines well protected.

Washi tape can also be used to create designs on blank walls.

Where to buy it? — There are thousands of websites selling every type of washi tape you could possibly want.

The only things you have to decide are if you want to buy it direct from Japan or from a western company, and what designs would be perfect for the project you will be doing with it.