Washi Tape; What Is It, And How It Is Used

While the term may be misleading for some, washi tapes are a crafting essential. If you are not into arts and crafts, you may not be familiar with what these are or how they are used, although you may have seen them around as they are easily available. Let’s look at what a washi tape is and how you can use it.

What is it?

The name washi is derived from Japanese; “wa” means Japanese, and “shi” means paper. So, washi means Japanese paper. These are available in the form of adhesive tapes made from Japanese paper and are used for decorative purposes in arts and crafts activities and journal making. The paper for the tapes comes from Japanese shrubs and is hence biodegradable.

How can you use it?

 There are various ways a washi tape can be used.

  • If you want to up your gift wrapping game, using a washi tape is a great way to go about it. Even the plainest wrapping material can be made pretty with the addition of beautiful and lively washi tape.
  • If you are into journal making or scrapbooking, you can use washi tapes to liven up the pages. You can create borders or make collages through different designs of washi tapes.
  • Just stick a bit of washi tape to the top of the page, and you have a page marker or tab ready in just a second.
  • If you want to make a DIY greeting card, a washi tape can help you give neat borders to the card. You can even cut out letters from the tape and paste them on the card to create a fun message or greeting.
  • If you want to decorate a wall in your room, a card, a journal, or anything, you can use different prints of washi tapes to make cool designs and shapes.
  • Tired of losing stationery at school? Washi tapes can also be used to personalize your stationery by simply wrapping the edges of your pencils, erasers, or even sharpeners.

These are just a few of how you can use washi tapes. Once you try them, you can come up with several ideas on your own.