Washi Tape, Small But Mighty

What is washi tape?

 If you aren’t especially crafty you might not be familiar with washi tape, but fear not, you’ll be ready to try it out by the end of this article. Washi tape is a thin, decorative tape made from durable natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. It is pretty cheap, and therefore easy to collect, which is great because there are so many, many choices. The tape sticks to practically every surface: wood, plastic, metal, etc, and comes off cleanly so you can try out different options without fear of leaving behind residue.

What can I do with washi tape?

 The sky is the limit when it comes to washi tape applications. You can create murals or geometrics designs right on your walls, customize picture frames or your laptop, make bookmarks, nail art, or decorate pencils to stand out at work. Struggling to come up with ideas or want an in-depth guide to specific washi tape applications? You can scroll through ideas on Pinterest until something speak to you. If you can touch it you can tape it. Go wild.

Where can I buy washi tape?

 Washi tape is surprisingly easy to find for being such a niche product. Tape is available in every shade, color, hue, finish, and pattern you can think of. It is carried in Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target. You can also find it at stationery stores, from Etsy sellers, or even on Amazon, so what are you waiting for? Go forth and washi!