Top 3 Uses of Washi Tape

Washi tape is a multi-purpose tape that you can use in your artworks, cards, journals, and more. This tape is an excellent material for making borders, decorating papers, or directly using as masking tape. Thanks to its low-tack adhesive, this masking tape is perfect for working with paper because you can re-position it easily.

Here are the top 3 uses of washi tape in your daily life:

1.    Create Envelopes

Nothing is nicer than receiving a hand-written note or message from your loved one. Plus, you will get some bonus points for the presentation if that note is packed in an immaculately decorated envelope. You can create heart-warming envelopes using washi tape. To give a more aesthetic look, you can use a colorful lace ribbon tape for wedding invitation envelopes or a simple yet beautiful heart pattern for your Valentine’s Day.

2.    Nail Art

You can use washi tape to give yourself a striking, easy, and quick manicure. To do that, simply mark out the shape of your nails over the washi tape, cut the shape out using scissors, and put it in place of liquid nail polish. Apply a top coat and base coat to accompany the tape if you want a more satisfying look. As a play manicure for children, we recommend using the tape alone without any coating.

3.    Poster Frames

Thanks to washi tape, hanging instant posters has become a piece of cake. You don’t even need an actual, expensive frame – simply tape a poster or picture to the wall and use this gadget to create beautiful and appealing borders around the poster. To create multiple designs, you can cut washi tape in eye-catching and beautiful patterns like polka dots or stripes or choose solid color tape and cut it into fun patterns and shapes.