Washi Tape, Whats That? Lets Talk About It!

Today we will be talking about washi tape and I’m pretty sure your saying whats that?! I know thats what I would have thought if I haven’t been using it for years already! So now onto what washi tape actually is and where the name comes from because I’m sure you know what it is but just know it was a different name.

Washi tape is basically a masking tape but of course it isn’t that simple! The difference between masking tape and washi tape is that washi tape is made from Japanese rice paper. Washi tape is also used for a variety of uses because it isn’t in plain boring colors like masking tape so people use it for different crafts.

We could go over the uses for basic masking tape but I’m almost positive you already know that so lets talk about some creative ways to use the washi tape you have! One of my favorite uses for the washi tape I have is to get creative with the cards I give. Since they come in such a variety of colors and designs the options are endless!

No more 8 dollar cards from the local store as well as the fact that they are much nicer and from the heart. The other project my girls and I love doing is turning that ordinary plain and boring flower pot into a totally new and creative design! We all create our own design and then have my husband pick the winner and I never win and that’s how it should be.

I really hope these ideas help you or trigger you to come up with another way to use the washi tape! Please share those ideas with us here!