What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tapes are taking the world by storm! It started in Japan and is now all over the globe. These are decorative adhesive tapes that are made from traditional Japanese paper.

Read on as we look into more details about Washi tapes and know what makes them perfect for journaling and craft making.

What Makes Washi Tapes So Special?

“Wa” stands for Japanese, and “shi” means paper. This paper is made from Japanese shrubs, namely Ganpi, Kozo, Mistumata, or even hemp. You can make it from any plant.

One of the main reasons behind its extreme popularity is the highly renewable resources in its ingredients. This feature makes it very sustainable and an addition to the much-loved green lifestyle.

Additionally, this tape needs no sharp scissors to tear it right through. You can use your hands which makes this the best pick for children. It is also very easy to write on when compared to the traditional plain paper.

The washi tape is very water-proof and heat-proof. This feature becomes even more vital when your little ones use the Washi tape. Water bottle leakages, craft-time-wine spillage, or possibly any mishap cannot deter your Washi tape! Isn’t that good news?

What Can You Do With Washi Tapes?

Washi tapes have several uses! You can use them to stick down other things or even as an embellishment itself.

Moreover, they also work well as tapes on gifts. Washi tapes will single-handedly take your present game a notch up!

Kids can use Washi tapes in their daily school supplies as well. The tape is easy to tear, making it an excellent option for schools.

Wrap Up

So that was our take on Washi tapes! Washi tapes owe their extreme popularity to their renewable components. We hope this article could help you get a better idea of these fantastic tapes.