Masking Tape With A Little Bit Of Japanese

Washi tape is a Japanese paper that is a tape. It is used in many traditional arts. Great for crafting and scrap-booking. It is like a masking tape almost. That it is durable and flexible and available in many different textures, patterns and colors. It cuts easily and can be safe for children as well. It will not leave a sticky residue behind like you would see with other tape. Making it the perfect ideal tape for home decor or other craft projects. It will easily stick on many surfaces including wood,plastic, and even metal and is easy to remove without causing and damage to any of your projects.

Washi tape is awesome for a daily planner to color coordinate your daily activities throughout the week. The tape is also wonderful for bullets in a journal, notebooks, and candlers for students and busy moms for your everyday life.

Great for that amazing scrap-booking for that family memory you want to collect or for that new baby book you want to make, or a wedding gift for that special couple in your life.

Washi tape is good for those projects decor around the house that need just a little touch to make it the perfect picture frame or maybe give your kids a little fun touch to their room.

It is safe and easily cleaned up! That is fun for the whole family. specially on those rainy day that you can’t be outside in the sunshine; then washi tape is the perfect answer make it fun and bring the inside to life in your everyday life.