Washi Tapes And Their Various Uses

Japanese masking tapes were also referred to as decorative tapes, used for various arts and crafts projects. The concept of washi tapes originated in Japan, and they were made out of rice paper. Nowadays, these tapes are commonly available at various arts and crafts stores and are used for various purposes.

Why use washi tapes.

With time as their designs evolved, washi tapes were considered for use in multiple ways. Since these tapes are quite easily available and are quite economically priced, it makes them the ideal choice for various arts and crafts projects.

Moreover, they are easy to use and are also quite durable and hence can be used to create art and craft items that are long-lasting. Nowadays, these washi tapes come in various designs and vibrant colors, which make them a popular choice for arts and crafts activities.

It can also be quite fun to experiment with washi tapes and create different designs and crafts, making them an artists’ favorite. From the vibrant stripes to geometrical and floral patterns, there is plenty you can do with a washi tape.

Uses of washi tapes

As suggested earlier, there are various ways in which a washi tape can be used. Here are a few ideas for reference

• Embellish scrapbooks by adding washi tape borders and designs
• Make DIY bookmarks
• Decorate your journals or diaries
• Use in gift wrapping to create unique designs
• Decorate your walls or nooks around the house.
• Make pretty labels for diaries, books and folders.
• Make DIY cards and create designs through various kinds of washi tapes
• Wrap around your pencils to avoid losing them
• Make photo frames or wall frames and add borders through washi tapes to make vibrant designs.
• Make creative and unique wall art and designs or decorate your doors

As you can see, there are several ways you can use the humble washi tapes. So the next time you are visiting a stationary or arts and crafts store, do get your hands on some washi tapes and have fun creating various arts and crafts projects with them.