What is washi tape?


If you are interested in crafts and making things for your friends and family, you have probably heard of washi tape before. But what exactly is washi tape? Well, Washi Tape is a Japanese tape that is thin and a lot like paper. People use it for all kinds of things when making crafts.

Think of it as a colored tape that will stick to any surface with no trouble and you could make cute designs out of. That is what washi tape is, and you can use it to create anything you imagine.

You can line your phone with it and make a cute new phone case. You can use the tape on a picture frame to give it new life. You can make cute bookmarks if you read a lot. You can even use it for nail art. It’s also safe for wall art, it won’t ruin the paint on the wall if you stick it to it.

The reason people use this tape over regular tape is because the material feels better, it’s thinner and sticks longer to whatever surface you attach it to, and it’s really cheap. The amount of money that you spend on regular tape is cut in half for washi tape and in the end, you get more tape out of it.

Plus it comes in a lot more colors. Sure, you could easily glue or tape colored paper to whatever project that you are currently working on, but washi tape makes creative projects easier by sticking to the surface that you want to put it on. It’s a lot easier to work with than paper would be.