What Can You Do With Washi Tape?

Some Fun Things To Do With Washi Tape

If you have visited a craft store recently, most likely you have seen washi tape on the store shelves. Washi tape is a Japanese decorative tape that can stick on most surfaces. The great thing about washi tape is it is relatively inexpensive and is easy to use. Here are some fun things to do with washi tape.

Washi Tape Car Track

One of the best things about washi tape is that it is easy to remove without damaging most surfaces. Make a car track for your favorite little Matchbox or Hot Wheels driver. Pick a corner or an out of the way place and use several different tape designs to create roads and parking areas on the hardwood floor.


Pick up some inexpensive notebooks and some rolls of washi tape and start decorating. Let the kids personalize their notebooks for school. This works well for creating some personalized journals too.

Personalize Chargers

Get tired of everyone fighting over the chargers that are scattered all over your home? Pick up a roll of washi tape for each person and customize everyone’s chargers.

Family Calendar

Trying to keep the family on schedule is not easy. Make your calendar with a dry erase board and washi tape. Use the tape to divide the board into 31 squares.

Toys It is also possible to make toys with washi tape. Take some craft sticks and turn them into dolls. Use the washi tape to make clothes and use sharpies to create faces. Kids will enjoy creating their dolls.