Where to Find Cheap Washi Tape for your Next Project

Japanese washi tape is lovely but also very expensive. That is why many people that use washi tape for various projects buy far less than they would actually like.

There is an easy way to find much more affordable Japanese washi tape, however, and all it often takes is a quick trip to the Internet.

Where to find affordable washi tape — As washi tape has become popular with hobbyists around the world, sites have popped up that sell it at either lower prices than typical retail or at wholesale prices.

Both of these sites are excellent ways to get the tape you want, especially as they ship fast as well.

What to look for in a site — First, look for sites based in Japan so you can get a sense of how much you would pay for washi tape from a typical Japanese seller. Bookmark the sites offering the lowest prices, so you can go back later and compare their prices with those of other sites you find.

Now look for American or European sites as they can often have lower prices than Japanese sites, simply because they buy huge amounts of washi tape and other Japanese supplies at wholesale prices.

The variety of washi tape you need — Remember not to just concentrate on price, however, as you also want to be able to find the cutest washi tape you can. Especially if you are using it for projects you are currently creating.

That is why you should also look for sites offering a wide variety of tape and other Japanese suppliers, while still keeping costs low.

Compare all the sites you have found and choose the washi tape you want to buy, depending on the final cost. Be sure to factor in shipping fees as well.


How to Find Affordable Washi Tape on the Internet

1If you are in love with washi tape from Japan, join much of the rest of the planet as Japanese washi tape is one of the most popular products to be currently manufactured in the Asian country.

That being said, a simple roll of Japanese washi tape can be very expensive, especially if you buy it from a shop you have not shopped at before.

It is possible to buy as much washi tape as you like for a low price, but you will need to go about it the right way.

Use a shopping app — A good, free shopping app will help you find those shops that sell low-price washi tape, without spending hours doing online searches yourself.

Download a highly-rated free shopping app and plug in the term ‘washi tape’. It will then show you hundreds of sites currently selling it for a low price.

Buying in Japan versus America — You may be surprised to learn it is possible to buy washi tape from an American store, and pay a lower price than if you buy it from a Japanese site.

This is because there are some American stores online that specialize in Japanese products so they buy in bulk. This allows them to offer low prices on washi tape and other Japanese products, and allows you to get them cheaper than if you ordered from many of the smaller Japanese shops online.

Buy in bulk — If you use a lot of washi tape, be sure to buy as much as you can afford all at one time.

This will not only often get you a lower price per roll of tape, as discounts are often given for bulk purchases, it will also save you money on shipping the washi tape to your home.


Where to Buy Washi Tape for an Affordable Price


Where to buy washi tape for an affordable price

If you love using washi tape but cannot afford to fly to Japan to buy all the tape you need, you are probably looking for a shop that sells it at an affordable price.

That is why you should stop looking for your next order of washi tape in offline stationery shops, and look on the Internet instead.

Shops in Japan, Europe and the United States — There are thousands of shops selling washi tape on the Internet. Some of them are in Japan, while others are in Europe and the United States.

All of these shops combined have hundreds of thousands of different designs of washi tape to choose from so, if you get online, you should easily be able to find exactly the type of washi tape you like.

Shops in Japan — While, of course, the shops in Japan will usually have the most styles and types of washi tape, they are also often some of the most expensive.

This is simply due to the cost of living in Japan, and the typical markup a Japaneee shop employs.

Shops in Europe and the U.S. — Interestingly, shops in Europe and the U.S. often sell washi tape at lower prices than Japan.

This is because they buy it from the same warehouses but, as the cost of living and taxes are often lower in European countries and the U.S. than in Japan, they can still keep their costs low.

Search for stores offering free shipping — As Kawaii products, including washi tape tend to be lightweight, some online stores even offer free shipping worldwide.

Find a store that does, and you will immediately be able to afford more washi tape and other Kawaii products than you have been able to afford in the past.


Craft Shops

1Craft shops seem to be a girls best friend, but they can be an artists’ good friend as well. Crafts seem to be mostly a woman’s domain, although it can be a guys area too. Craft shops have all sorts of paper, stickers, and other things that you can use for things you may be working on.

Pens and Highlighters

There are a variety of pens one can use that can help make writing or anything exciting. Gel pens, different color regular ink pens and others are available at your local mass merchandiser to purchase. There are plenty of choices on highlighters, too. There are many different colors to choose from. Purple might not be a popular highlighter color, but they do sell them as a highlighter. Companies can personalize pens for your company or organization as well, or if you need them for someone who just loves pens.


There are basically two kinds of pencils; traditional and mechanical. The traditional ones you might remember from grade school; yellow and had the #2 on them to indicate they were the right pencils you needed. These also come in great designs and other colors besides yellow. It depends on the company, though. Mechanical pencils are pretty new within the last century or two. They are preferred by many, since you don’t have to take the time to sharpen them each time they break. With a mechanical pencil, you can just push a button and more lead comes out. This is a great invention for those who like them.


There are many different things that you can see at a craft store, either online or at an actual store. Many choices abound in paper, highlighters, pens and pencils. It all depends on what you like.

See also washi tape for more information.


Washi Tape For You

1Washi tape is something that must be used when you are hoping to tape down all the things that you are working on around your home. You may choose something that will help you tape small areas, or you may choose a very large roll of tape that will help you get all the things you have before you taped down. This tape can be trimmed to just the right size, and you may choose to use the tape in a way that you prefer.

You will find that you may purchase this tape in more than one color, and you will be pleased with the way that it sticks. It will be simpler for you to repair something that is broken down, and you will be happy with the way that you are managing all the things that you are attempting to repair. The work that you do must be done in a way that will help you save time, and you will be happy with the way that you have cut this tape because it will stay for a very long time.

You deserve to create something that will make your life simpler, and you may choose the tapes that you will keep in the house no matter what it is that you have to tape. You can create a lot of situations that will help you save some time, and you will unroll the tape and cut it off to the right length. It is far easier for you to create the repairs that you might not have been about to do in the past, and you may create a lovely trim that looks better than any professional fix you may get. Cut it to the right length, trim it, and let the washi tape do it all for you.


Beautiful Washi Tape for Mix and Match Art Projects

What is washi tape?

For anyone who is into scrapbooking, making cards, or does paper crafts, washi tape is something that you cannot do without. Washi tape comes from Japan and is a paper tape that comes in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. It comes in a roll just like regular tape and it has a feel similar to that of masking tape. It is easy to apply because just like tape, it is sticky on one side which means there is no gluing necessary.

What can you do with it?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using washi tape. For example, for new moms working on baby books, the easiest way to add borders or make fun designs on a page is to use baby themed washi tape. Looking to add something to a homemade card, add a banner or a design made from tape. Washi tape can be used in place of regular tape to add pizazz to items. It helps to decorate plain wrapping paper or brown boxes. The ideas are endless.

Advantages to using washi

The biggest advantage is that washi tape is basically mess free. There is no drying time allowing crafts to complete their complete in a timely manner. Washi tape can decorate things that glue and paper do not stick well to. Got an old metal container that needs to be freshened up? Washi tape can tackle that project. What to make one of a kind ornaments for the holidays? Washi can stick to wood, plastic, and glass shapes without a problem. Mix and match washi to make one of a kind scrapbook pages, cards, and decorations.

Washi Tapes

The Fun and Wonderful World of Washi Tape

Would you like to decorate items with colorful Washi Tape? Avoid the boring tape that ruins the look of a gift box or special handicraft. Be the envy of your family and friends with wonderful colored, patterned Washi Tape.

Fun Pastel Colors

When you compare the best handicrafts with one another, you can see a decided difference between those using just regular masking tape and those using Washi Masking Tape. You can mix-and-match, blending colors and patterns with Washi Tape.

Creative Washi Patterns

Have fun with the Flags Washi Tape or Rain Washi Tape. These can make your birthday gift stand out from the others. The recipient will want to open it first. You can go with the basic single pastel colors on the tape, if you want to be simple.

Luxury Foil Masking Tape

The Foil Masking Tape is for a luxury present. It might be ideal for a wedding or anniversary gift. The Cute Pattern Paper Washi Tape allows you to add your personal touch to handicrafts, gifts and presents.

Seasonal Washi Tape Patterns

When the flowers are out and the birds are singing, you could celebrate with Feather Washi Tape. Or, show your love with the Cute Leaf Decorative Masking Tape. It is great for autumn. You could cover the entire year with a Four Seasons Washi Tape pack.

Delicious Donut

Children love sweets, don’t they? The Delicious Donut Masking Tape is just the right way to get their taste buds excited for their party sweets. Use this decoration to celebrate your good times.

Flowers Blossom Tape

Don’t you love the fresh scent of flowers? The Kawaii Pen Shop gives you plenty of great ways to celebrate. Choose from the Floral Masking Tape, Floral Paradise Masking Tape or Flower Garden Masking Tape. Have fun with washi tape.