Washi Tape; What Is It, And How It Is Used

While the term may be misleading for some, washi tapes are a crafting essential. If you are not into arts and crafts, you may not be familiar with what these are or how they are used, although you may have seen them around as they are easily available. Let’s look at what a washi tape is and how you can use it.

What is it?

The name washi is derived from Japanese; “wa” means Japanese, and “shi” means paper. So, washi means Japanese paper. These are available in the form of adhesive tapes made from Japanese paper and are used for decorative purposes in arts and crafts activities and journal making. The paper for the tapes comes from Japanese shrubs and is hence biodegradable.

How can you use it?

 There are various ways a washi tape can be used.

  • If you want to up your gift wrapping game, using a washi tape is a great way to go about it. Even the plainest wrapping material can be made pretty with the addition of beautiful and lively washi tape.
  • If you are into journal making or scrapbooking, you can use washi tapes to liven up the pages. You can create borders or make collages through different designs of washi tapes.
  • Just stick a bit of washi tape to the top of the page, and you have a page marker or tab ready in just a second.
  • If you want to make a DIY greeting card, a washi tape can help you give neat borders to the card. You can even cut out letters from the tape and paste them on the card to create a fun message or greeting.
  • If you want to decorate a wall in your room, a card, a journal, or anything, you can use different prints of washi tapes to make cool designs and shapes.
  • Tired of losing stationery at school? Washi tapes can also be used to personalize your stationery by simply wrapping the edges of your pencils, erasers, or even sharpeners.

These are just a few of how you can use washi tapes. Once you try them, you can come up with several ideas on your own.


Top 3 Uses of Washi Tape

Washi tape is a multi-purpose tape that you can use in your artworks, cards, journals, and more. This tape is an excellent material for making borders, decorating papers, or directly using as masking tape. Thanks to its low-tack adhesive, this masking tape is perfect for working with paper because you can re-position it easily.

Here are the top 3 uses of washi tape in your daily life:

1.    Create Envelopes

Nothing is nicer than receiving a hand-written note or message from your loved one. Plus, you will get some bonus points for the presentation if that note is packed in an immaculately decorated envelope. You can create heart-warming envelopes using washi tape. To give a more aesthetic look, you can use a colorful lace ribbon tape for wedding invitation envelopes or a simple yet beautiful heart pattern for your Valentine’s Day.

2.    Nail Art

You can use washi tape to give yourself a striking, easy, and quick manicure. To do that, simply mark out the shape of your nails over the washi tape, cut the shape out using scissors, and put it in place of liquid nail polish. Apply a top coat and base coat to accompany the tape if you want a more satisfying look. As a play manicure for children, we recommend using the tape alone without any coating.

3.    Poster Frames

Thanks to washi tape, hanging instant posters has become a piece of cake. You don’t even need an actual, expensive frame – simply tape a poster or picture to the wall and use this gadget to create beautiful and appealing borders around the poster. To create multiple designs, you can cut washi tape in eye-catching and beautiful patterns like polka dots or stripes or choose solid color tape and cut it into fun patterns and shapes.


What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tapes are taking the world by storm! It started in Japan and is now all over the globe. These are decorative adhesive tapes that are made from traditional Japanese paper.

Read on as we look into more details about Washi tapes and know what makes them perfect for journaling and craft making.

What Makes Washi Tapes So Special?

“Wa” stands for Japanese, and “shi” means paper. This paper is made from Japanese shrubs, namely Ganpi, Kozo, Mistumata, or even hemp. You can make it from any plant.

One of the main reasons behind its extreme popularity is the highly renewable resources in its ingredients. This feature makes it very sustainable and an addition to the much-loved green lifestyle.

Additionally, this tape needs no sharp scissors to tear it right through. You can use your hands which makes this the best pick for children. It is also very easy to write on when compared to the traditional plain paper.

The washi tape is very water-proof and heat-proof. This feature becomes even more vital when your little ones use the Washi tape. Water bottle leakages, craft-time-wine spillage, or possibly any mishap cannot deter your Washi tape! Isn’t that good news?

What Can You Do With Washi Tapes?

Washi tapes have several uses! You can use them to stick down other things or even as an embellishment itself.

Moreover, they also work well as tapes on gifts. Washi tapes will single-handedly take your present game a notch up!

Kids can use Washi tapes in their daily school supplies as well. The tape is easy to tear, making it an excellent option for schools.

Wrap Up

So that was our take on Washi tapes! Washi tapes owe their extreme popularity to their renewable components. We hope this article could help you get a better idea of these fantastic tapes.


Washi Tape, the Sustainable Masking Tape

Washi tape is a colorful decorative adhesive tape used in crafting and should not be confused with normal masking tape. Unlike masking tape, which is made from synthetic materials, Washi tape is made from sustainable natural fibers. Almost any plant fiber can be used, such as hemp, rice, bamboo, etc, but nearly 90% is made from the Kozo (mulberry) bush. Since natural fibers are used, they are biodegradable and can be recycled either by peeling and reusing or placing them in a compost bin.

The texture of Washi Tape is like masking tape but is more durable, waterproof, and heatproof. It is a child-friendly product that is easy to tear without the need for scissors and doesn’t have any harmful products. One nice feature of the tape is that it can be removed from nearly any surface, including paper without damage. This makes it ideal for journals, gift wrapping, and various other craft projects. Since it uses a low-tack adhesive, washi tape is easily used in a variety of painting projects to mark out shapes and outlines.

The cost of Washi tape can appear to be expensive, but since it is re-usable, it can be quite cost-effective over time. And since it comes in various patterns and colors, it can be reused several times before being discarded. Additionally, a quick internet search can provide instructions on how to make custom Washi tape at home. This versatile craft tool will become a staple for any arts and crafts project in which the uses are endless.


What Is Washi Tape

Washi tape is something that is very commonly used by artists and creative people. It can be used in many different ways to create many different things. But if you find yourself wondering what exactly this kind of tape is, you finally have your answer.

Washi tape is just tape with a little extra

Something that makes washi tape stand out from all other kinds of tape is 1 key thing: The design.

Washi tape is created to be just as sticky and just as useful as normal tape, but it is designed to look more aesthetically pleasing when placed with the project that you are working on.

If you are making a school project and it is all about animals, you could use regular tape that causes no harm to your project. Or you could use a tape that is designed to look like the animals you are talking about in your project for a few extra points.

One of the best things about washi tape is it is extremely paper friendly. This is designed this way because you are supposed to use it in scrapbooks and other creative designs. It is sticky, but it it shouldnt damage anything that you place it on since it is supposed to be removed and traded out for other pieces.

You can place washi tape on all sorts of things. If you have a cup that is a little too plain, you can add some washi tape and brighten it up a bit. You can place it in your scrapbook, use it to hang photos on your wall, or create entire art pieces out of the different washi tape colors and designs.

If you have even a little bit of inspiration to get creative inside of you, you should consider getting washi tape.


Understanding What Washi Tape Is

There are different craft supplies that are available today that might not have been available a decade ago or that you might not have ever noticed when you were in craft stores in the past. If you are unsure what washi tape is, it is time for you to understand just what it is and how you can use it.

Washi Tape is Pretty Tape:

Washi tape is a type of sticky tape that is made to be beautiful and available in many colors. This tape can be printed with butterflies on it or made in a solid color. This tape can be made with cartoon characters on it, and it can be made with unique patterns on it. This tape is something that is colorful, bold, and beautiful, and it is something that can be used in many ways.

Washi Tape Can be Used for Decorating Papercrafts and Wrapping Gifts:

If you are someone who enjoys putting together cards or other papercrafts, you can probably use washi tape for some of the projects that you work on. This is something that can add color and style to your pieces. This type of tape is something that you can use when you want to wrap a gift in a special way, too.

There are Many Types of Washi Tape Available:

Washi tape can be used to add personality to a project that you are working on or a gift you are about to give someone. This tape can be found in many styles, and you can find rolls of it that you will love to use.


Washi Tape, Small But Mighty

What is washi tape?

 If you aren’t especially crafty you might not be familiar with washi tape, but fear not, you’ll be ready to try it out by the end of this article. Washi tape is a thin, decorative tape made from durable natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. It is pretty cheap, and therefore easy to collect, which is great because there are so many, many choices. The tape sticks to practically every surface: wood, plastic, metal, etc, and comes off cleanly so you can try out different options without fear of leaving behind residue.

What can I do with washi tape?

 The sky is the limit when it comes to washi tape applications. You can create murals or geometrics designs right on your walls, customize picture frames or your laptop, make bookmarks, nail art, or decorate pencils to stand out at work. Struggling to come up with ideas or want an in-depth guide to specific washi tape applications? You can scroll through ideas on Pinterest until something speak to you. If you can touch it you can tape it. Go wild.

Where can I buy washi tape?

 Washi tape is surprisingly easy to find for being such a niche product. Tape is available in every shade, color, hue, finish, and pattern you can think of. It is carried in Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target. You can also find it at stationery stores, from Etsy sellers, or even on Amazon, so what are you waiting for? Go forth and washi!


What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a type of masking tape. It comes in different colors, patterns and textures. You can likely find Washi tape at just about any type of craft store. There are several reasons that you should invest in washi tape.

Versatile Use

People typically use washi tape for arts and crafts type of things, such as picture frames and posture frames. However, there are many other ways that you can use washi tape. You can use it to decorate your nails. You can also use it to secure envelopes. Additionally, you can use it on furniture and appliances.

One of the reasons that you can use washi tape for a variety of things because it comes in a variety of designs, lengths and widths. There are also many different designs available.


There are many factors that will determine how much you will have to pay for Washi tape. This includes where you buy it from and how much you buy. However, washi tape is still an inexpensive option. That is why it will be easier for you to buy it in bulk.

Durable Option

Washi tape is designed to last for a long time. If you get tired of using washi tape for one thing, then you can use it for something else.

Easy for You to Use It isn’t hard for you to use washi tape. In fact, it works exactly the way that masking tape works. Additionally, washi tape does not leave behind any sticky residue.


What Can You Do With Washi Tape?

Some Fun Things To Do With Washi Tape

If you have visited a craft store recently, most likely you have seen washi tape on the store shelves. Washi tape is a Japanese decorative tape that can stick on most surfaces. The great thing about washi tape is it is relatively inexpensive and is easy to use. Here are some fun things to do with washi tape.

Washi Tape Car Track

One of the best things about washi tape is that it is easy to remove without damaging most surfaces. Make a car track for your favorite little Matchbox or Hot Wheels driver. Pick a corner or an out of the way place and use several different tape designs to create roads and parking areas on the hardwood floor.


Pick up some inexpensive notebooks and some rolls of washi tape and start decorating. Let the kids personalize their notebooks for school. This works well for creating some personalized journals too.

Personalize Chargers

Get tired of everyone fighting over the chargers that are scattered all over your home? Pick up a roll of washi tape for each person and customize everyone’s chargers.

Family Calendar

Trying to keep the family on schedule is not easy. Make your calendar with a dry erase board and washi tape. Use the tape to divide the board into 31 squares.

Toys It is also possible to make toys with washi tape. Take some craft sticks and turn them into dolls. Use the washi tape to make clothes and use sharpies to create faces. Kids will enjoy creating their dolls.


Washi Tape vs. Good Ole Scotch Tape

If you are not a crafter or into scrapbooking, you have probably never even heard of Washi Tape. You can deduce that it is a kind of tape, but what actually is it? What does it do? Why do people use it?

Washi Tape is basically decorative scotch tape, but better. It’s origins are Japanese, but it used around the world. Washi tape has started to become popular recently because of the cute custom designs and the stickiness of the tape. It is pretty, inexpensive, decorative paper masking tape that is thin, strong, and unlike typical tape which is made from tree pulp it is made from natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. If you don’t like clear and transluscent tape like we are all used to, then this is the tape for you. It comes in hundreds of colors, textures and patterns and all sizes easily adhere to many surfaces including wood, plastic,and metal. Even better is that it is easy to remove and will not cause any damage.

So why use it? Washi tape is great for all kinds of DIY projects and is easily used to decorate really almost anything from pencils and notebooks to adding a little decor to your gift wrapping. If you have a journal or a scrapbook you can easily mark pages to organize it better or frame pages to add a little spark and attention. Washi Tape is available in many places both in the well know big box stores and on many sites online.