What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape has been used worldwide for craft projects, home decor, card making, scrapbooking, paper facials, and even as a wallpaper for hard drives and laptops. In addition to the numerous uses that this incredible tape has, it also has a few unique characteristics that set it apart from all other regular paper tapes. One such feature is that washi tape features a permanent, brightly colored sticky backing that doesn’t peel or crumble away. The tape’s patterns and colors also remain intact, making it an excellent decorating and sealing tool.

Washi tape comes from the Japanese who use it to decorate everything from trees, to clothing, to household items, to stamps, to chopsticks! Washi tape comes in two different types, a white type, and a brown type. As its name implies, the brown type of washi tape can be used more explicitly to decorate things, whereas the white type was more intended for painting and decorating. Washi tape comes in a variety of colors, although they are not as vibrant as the bright colors found in many other forms of decor, such as paint or sticker paper.

One reason for washi tape’s popularity is its wide variety of colors. Washi tape comes in a large variety of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing crafters to express themselves freely in a wide array of colors and patterns that can truly be fun and beautiful. Many crafters who enjoy decorating with this wonderful craft find it very relaxing to do their favorite patterns and designs, knowing that no two pieces will ever be identical to each other in the process. For this reason, many people who enjoy washi tape as a craft find themselves drawn to it, especially those who love the available vibrant colors.


Washi Tape: The Craft Room And Beyond

Washi tape is a quick and affordable way to add bits of your own personal touch to nearly everything!

Consider adding washi tape to the edges of your pencil cup or tape dispenser to jazz up your office supplies. Put a thin strip of washi tape on the edge of note cards to separate subjects at a glance. You can even color code your life using washi tape. Many brands are fairly translucent and much cuter than highlighters! Chore charts or to-do lists with tasks that change daily would be a lot more cheerful with washi tape added as an organizational tool.

One of the great things about washi tape is that many brands are created to be stuck and unstuck easily, making it perfect for any temporary sticky needs. Use washi tape to tack down a stencil or as a guide to draw perfectly straight lines. Washi tape can also be used to cover the edges of a painting or drawing while in progress, as it can easily be removed later to reveal a clean edge.

Of course, washi tape should always be a staple in any crafty person’s arsenal. You could cover a plain tile with washi tape to make a cute coaster, or add some flair to a terracotta pot. Washi tape can be made into nearly every type of embellishment for a bullet journal, scrapbook, greeting card, planner, or other paper projects. You can easily make cute tags, flags, and tabs out of washi tape. Less conventional uses may include creating washi tape jewelry, covering lampshades, or adding pizzazz to presents.


What Is Washi Tape and Why Should You Start Using It?

Washi Tape Is Fun Tape to Use 

You can use washi tape for a variety of purposes, and if you are a crafter, then you will like to have it around. You can use it in your scrapbook or journal, or you can use the tape to make simple decorations. It comes in a variety of styles and colors, and you can get the tape that is the most pleasing to your aesthetic and enjoy it. 

Buy All the Washi Tape You Want  

If you want to buy just a bit of washi tape at first because you aren’t sure what you are going to do with it, then you can hold yourself back. But once you get some experience with it, know what you are going to do to make the most of it, and realize that you would like to make the washi tape a big part of your craft projects, you can buy as much of it as you want. There are all kinds of colors and styles of this tape out there, and you can pick up what makes you excited. 

Washi Tape Isn’t Like Anything Else 

Washi tape comes from Japan and is made on a unique paper. It is a fun thing to use for a variety of craft projects because it is so simple to stick it on what you are doing. It is also fun to use because of the variety of patterns and styles it comes in, and you will love incorporating it into any craft project you do. 


Wild About Washi Tape

Washi tape is a colorful type of masking tape. The tape is manufactured from a variety of natural fibers, such as hemp, rice paper, or bamboo. Masking tape is used in all sorts of manufacturing industries. It became popular with artists and crafters around 2006 after two women sent an email to a washi tape manufacturer showing art constructed from the manufacturer’s industrial tape. The women accepted an invitation to visit the factory, and the visit resulted in a new line of colorful, easy to tear tape. Thus the washi tape trend was started.

The tape comes in solid colors and too many patterns to count. Washi tape is easy to tear, easy to remove, and is usually a writable surface. Artists and crafters use washi tape in art journals, scrapbooks, collages, and all sorts of creative projects. Gift givers wrap parcels in brown or white paper and embellish with washi tape. The variety of colors available make the tape a useful resource for building an office or studio organizational system. Some people use washi tape to color code events on their calendars or in their bullet journals. People use translucent washi tape instead of highlighters. Washi tape makes a good label when wrapped around a cord and then stuck to itself. The tape is an excellent way to label cords and recharges with the name of the matching device or owner.  People who sew, quilt, and embroider use washi tape to hold the fabric in place. The tape removes easily and doesn’t leave adhesive residue. Using washi tape is faster than pinning and unpinning fabric. Washi tape is sold by many online sellers, in craft stores, box stores, and stationery stores.


Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a decorative Japanese tape made of tree shrubs. It’s great that it’s biogradabile but even if it wasn’t this decorative tape is fanastic for decorating things.

For example, one easy to use technique is to take a small, round, waterfloating candle (tea candles) perhaps around six of them, and use different decorative Washi tape around the edges.

Its super easy, and they make great Christmas gifts.

Decorating hair slides is another easy technique. Just add washi tape, cut off the excess and fold. Add a little glitter nail polish to it and let it dry. You’ve got yourself a custom hair barette.

Want to produce cute bookmarks? Take a paperclip and a strip of washi tape. Fold the tape over so that both sides are covered equally. The paperclip, of course, hangs on the inside, but outside, it’s decorated.

A great back to school project for you, or as gifts, is using washi tape to produce decorative pencils. You simple put the pencil on a desk and peel off some washi tape the4 size of the pencil. You then delicately roll the pencil onto the tape so it sticks. Cut off the edges and you have cool back to school gifts.

Have a photo or image from your computer but no frame. No problem. Just lay down a thick piece of paper, cut the image to fit, then along all four edges, use washi tape.

Have some plain jars. You can decorate them into prize, decorative containers with washi tape. Decorate your jars with alternating strips of washi tape, cut off the edges, and you have a thousand different decorative jars and vases.


Washi Tape: The New Craft Essential

Washi tape is a thin tape made from rice fibers.

It was created in Japan, where the word “washi” means paper. Washi tape was marketed as masking tape and sold under the brand, “MT” by the Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd in Japan. In 2006, spurred on by requests for more colors, Kokoshi added colors and patterns to the masking tape. Today, this inexpensive tape is available in craft stores and other retailers in the USA as well as online. A variety of widths and lengths are available.

Washi tape is strong, durable, and flexible due to the plant fibers. Because of the nature of the adhesive, the tape can be easily removed and repositioned.

It sticks to almost any surface, including wood, plastic, glass, and metal, and does not leave a sticky residue when removed. Available in many colors and patterns, washi tape is used for decorating cards and envelopes, folded into origami creatures, or used as painter’s tape. Are you having a party? Add a name or initials to glasses. You are limited only by your imagination.

Sometimes referred to as crafting tape, it adds a personal touch to canisters, lunch boxes and bags, and wedding favors. Washi tape is an inexpensive way to let your inner creativity out. Add a bit of whimsy to a lunchbox or make a pen elegant or customize your water bottle.
The tape is available in many colors, patterns, and metallics, it is an essential item to add to your craft box or keep in the desk drawer.


What is Washi Tape?

r1Well to start off, Washi Tape is not for your laundry for any circumstance. Washi Tape is a Japanese decorative tape that is used in the crafting of journals and crafting. The literal translation of it is ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘Shi’ meaning paper.

What’s it made out of?

Unlike Western-style tape that is made from tree pulp, Washi Tape is made from Japanese Shrubs. It’s usually made from Mistumata, Ganpi, and Kozo, but it can be made from any Japanese Shrub.

And also because Washi Tape is biodegradable. This means the tape is made from renewable resources, so it is definitely safe to toss out in the recycle bin.

Some other positive things about Washi Tape is that it’s kid-friendly. If you have a child that likes to do arts and crafts, replace your tape for this one because there’s no need to cut and the designs look nice. Some other positive notes about Washi is it’s durable and waterproof.

Some examples where you can apply Washi Tape to is when you have a bag leakage, a cracked wall, or for just any artistic use you have for the tape.

What else can I use Washi Tape for?

There are plenty of other ways to use washi tape. You can use it for making a scrapbook, wrapping gifts, patterns for journals, and much more. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to using Washi Tape to fit your arts and craft needs.

For purchasing, you can visit any local arts and crafts store and also shop online.


Washi Tape, Whats That? Lets Talk About It!

Today we will be talking about washi tape and I’m pretty sure your saying whats that?! I know thats what I would have thought if I haven’t been using it for years already! So now onto what washi tape actually is and where the name comes from because I’m sure you know what it is but just know it was a different name.

Washi tape is basically a masking tape but of course it isn’t that simple! The difference between masking tape and washi tape is that washi tape is made from Japanese rice paper. Washi tape is also used for a variety of uses because it isn’t in plain boring colors like masking tape so people use it for different crafts.

We could go over the uses for basic masking tape but I’m almost positive you already know that so lets talk about some creative ways to use the washi tape you have! One of my favorite uses for the washi tape I have is to get creative with the cards I give. Since they come in such a variety of colors and designs the options are endless!

No more 8 dollar cards from the local store as well as the fact that they are much nicer and from the heart. The other project my girls and I love doing is turning that ordinary plain and boring flower pot into a totally new and creative design! We all create our own design and then have my husband pick the winner and I never win and that’s how it should be.

I really hope these ideas help you or trigger you to come up with another way to use the washi tape! Please share those ideas with us here!


Masking Tape With A Little Bit Of Japanese

Washi tape is a Japanese paper that is a tape. It is used in many traditional arts. Great for crafting and scrap-booking. It is like a masking tape almost. That it is durable and flexible and available in many different textures, patterns and colors. It cuts easily and can be safe for children as well. It will not leave a sticky residue behind like you would see with other tape. Making it the perfect ideal tape for home decor or other craft projects. It will easily stick on many surfaces including wood,plastic, and even metal and is easy to remove without causing and damage to any of your projects.

Washi tape is awesome for a daily planner to color coordinate your daily activities throughout the week. The tape is also wonderful for bullets in a journal, notebooks, and candlers for students and busy moms for your everyday life.

Great for that amazing scrap-booking for that family memory you want to collect or for that new baby book you want to make, or a wedding gift for that special couple in your life.

Washi tape is good for those projects decor around the house that need just a little touch to make it the perfect picture frame or maybe give your kids a little fun touch to their room.

It is safe and easily cleaned up! That is fun for the whole family. specially on those rainy day that you can’t be outside in the sunshine; then washi tape is the perfect answer make it fun and bring the inside to life in your everyday life.


What Is Washi Tape? It Is A Fun Product To Use


Washi Tape Is A Great Tape For Crafts

If you have seen Washi tape for sale and have been curious about what it is and what it can do, then you can know that there are a lot of crafts that can be made with it. You can look up various projects to do with it and try your hand at them because it will be fun to use the tape on a craft. Washi tape comes in so many colors, styles, and patterns, and you will enjoy picking out the unique tape for each project you decide to do.


Washi Tape Can Be Used For Many Purposes

Once you start using this tape, you will find a lot of purposes to use it for, and you will want to keep your house stocked with it. You can pick out as many unique kinds of tape as you want and have them on hand for whatever it is that you decide to do with them. You can find the store that sells the more variety of this tape and take your time shopping so you can pick out the best of it.


Washi Tape Is A Fun Item

So, if you have been curious about washi tape and how to use it, then you just need to know that there are many purposes for it and that it is great for crafts. You can pick out any of it you like and begin using it. It is fun and will inspire you in the craft projects you do.