What Is Washi Tape And Why Will You Love It So Much?

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Washi Tape Is A Fun Product To Own

If you have heard of washi tape but you are wondering what it really is, then you should know that it is a fun product that will help you do creative and beautiful craft projects. You will enjoy washi tape because it is colorful and comes in many patterns and designs.

You can use it for a variety of projects, and you should keep it around so that you will have it ready for anything that comes up that you need tape for.

Washi Tape Will Help Everything Look Prettier

If you need tape to finish off a craft project, then you should use colorful washi tape because it will help to finish things off in a fun way. You should use washi tape anytime that you need to fix something up quickly because it will be more fun than the average tape.

And, you should look up all of the uses that people have invented for washi tape so that you can take on creative and fun projects for it, as well.

You Will Want To Have A Lot Of Washi Tape

Once you start using the washi tape, you will keep finding new things to do with it, and you will want to own more washi tape so that you can have a different pattern to use for each project.

So, you should find the stores that sell washi tape and buy from those that sell the most variety. You can give washi tape as a gift or use it on a birthday card.

You can use it for decorations in your home or for many other purposes. And, it is so easy to use that you will want to get it out for any craft project that you are doing.


What is Washi Tape?


What Is Washi Tape? It Is The Perfect Tape For Your Craft Projects

If you are wondering what is washi tape and how can you use it, then you should know that it is a colorful and pretty kind of decorative tape that has many uses. You can use it for crafts of any kind and add a bit of brightness and cheer to them. It is easy to use, and it comes in many styles and patterns. It is the perfect item for any crafter to own, and if you are interested in craft projects, then you need to start using it.

Look At The Stores That Sell A Variety Of Washi Tape

A good way to find the color and style of washi tape that you want is by shopping in a store that sells a lot of colors and styles. You might feel a bit overwhelmed as you look at all of the types of washi tape, but you can pick out as much of the tape as you want and use each pattern for a different project. The tape might inspire you to do more when it comes to crafting, and you will have fun experimenting with it.

Your Friends Will Want To Know Where You Got The Tape

Washi tape is perfect for many projects, and it is something that you are going to want to share with your friends. Once you learn what it is and you have had the chance to look at the various colors and styles and pick some of it out, you should tell your friends where to find it and what they can do with it. They might get as excited as you about all of the projects that they can take on with it. And, you will be excited to share what you have learned about the unique tape with them.


What Is Washi Tape?

Washi Tape is used for decorative reasons, and a lot of people use this type of tape for fashion reasons. This makes a great bright look when it comes to your home or business, and its extremely fun and colorful and there are several ways in how you can use it!

This type of tape can be used as a decorator on certain type of items, so you know which items are which with the several different types of colored tape that is involved.

Washi tape can be used to decorate your laptop in a fun colorful way, and this type of tape is not like regular tape where it wont ruin the surface of the area you want this exposed. You can really go nuts with the tape and can also be used for decorating your paper or homework.

This can be used on pretty much anything for decor reasons, and provides a more lively cute look.

This type of tape is easy to be removed and replaced with a different style washi tape. A lot of people use these type of tape’s for labeling their items or areas inside their home or business.

This tape is easy to use and a lot of children and teenagers use this inside of their bedrooms to decorate their room in a bubbly cute way. Some people use washi tape to cover their light switches or certain areas in their home so it doesn’t give forth a dull look.

This tape is so easy to work with and is a very cheap effective tape that comes off very easily and doesn’t leave marks or damages on whatever it is that you are putting your washi tape on.

This product lasts a lifetime and can be stored pretty much anywhere and doesn’t take barely any space.


Welcome To Washi Tape


You may be asking yourself what is washi tape? What is it used for? and why is it so popular? Washi is a Japanese word for paper. Used in Japan for a 1000 years, But came from China in the 6th century. Used by Buddhist monks for religious scrips. Washi tape is basically paper tape, like a masking tape. People can find washi tape in many colors, patterns or designs. Washi tape can be used for many different projects or craft work. Mainly used for decoration it has gained in popularity over the past few years, due to its ease of use and wide verity of colors patterns and sizes. Craft workers who like scrap booking find good uses for washi tape. They can easily create attractive boarders and dividers for scrap book pages, finding washi tape that matches with the themes of the scrap book content. Students’ have used washi tape to customize book covers for text books. I have even seen automobile enthusiast use washi tape to mask small dents on vehicle fenders and bumpers.


Now that you are familiar with washi tape and some of its uses, what would you do with it? First off its not permanent. It can be easily removed, just peel it off. Washi tape is made from renewable sources like rice, bamboo even hemp.The adhesive is non toxic and biodegradable. It will stick to walls well and is easily removed with no damage to wall surface. Nowadays washi tape can be found at many retail outlets, online or brick and mortar store fronts. If your out shopping and happen to spot a roll, take a look . You may find a pattern or color you like, and may find a good use for it.


Washi Tape Is A Fun Item To Use

You Need To Experiment With Washi Tape


If you have never used Washi tape before, but you have heard of it and have seen a few projects done with it, then you need to buy it. You need to give this fun tape a try because there is a lot that you can do with it. You can use it for crafts, and you will have fun when you buy it because there are so many patterns and colors of the tape.

Find A Store That Sells All Kinds Of Washi Tape

You should go to a store that sells all of the Washi tape you could ever dream of because you will find something that is great for every style there. And, if you want the tape to make decorations for your friends, then you can get it in their styles. Or, if you want it to make invitations for a party or holiday cards, then you can get the Washi tape that is in the right pattern for that.

Pick The Washi Tape That Gets You The Most Excited

You should get excited when you buy the tape, because, when you feel that way, you will do something great with it instead of just leaving it sitting in a drawer somewhere. So, pick out all of the patterns of washi tape that inspire you, and start creating any kind of project that you want to with it. You can have your friends help you figure out what to do with it, or you can give some of the tape to them as a gift. It is such a great item, and you will enjoy doing all kinds of projects with it.


Find more Variety and Reduced Prices for Washi Tape with Online Merchant Sites

1The increased popularity in crafts such as scrapbooking, has led to a multitude of new materials available for use in these types of projects. For example, washi tape is a type of paper offered through certain types of craft and stationary stores. Although this material might be new to people living in western regions it has been used by people in Japan for many centuries. The word washi is actually a term used to describe a paper made from local fibers that are manufactured by hand in the old traditional way.

Uses for Washi Tape

A visit to an online stationary store such as Kawaii Pen Shop will provide shoppers with a variety of colors and patterns for this type of traditionally processed Japanese paper. Because the paper is very flexible it is often used to give a new look to old objects. It also comes with an adhesive back, which is why it is referred to as tape. This makes it super easy to apply to all sorts of surfaces including plastic, glass and wood. One of the benefits of using washi tape is its ability to be removed without any traces of residue. This means it can be used to decorate walls inside a home or office.

Buying from Online Stores

In addition to the many benefits associated with washi tape, there are also benefits to buying the tape online. An online merchant could have more colors, patterns and sizes available than a local craft store. Online merchants could also offer reduced prices not found at local retail stores. A roll of floral washi tape with a width of half an inch could be reduced by two dollars. At prices ranging between three and six dollars a roll, getting discounted prices on washi tape allows shoppers to purchase more supplies for their crafts.


Find The Washi Tape You Want To Own Online


Get The Washi Tape You Want Online

There are some online shops that sell a variety of Washi tape, and you will have fun when you check them out. You can buy Washi tape in any color you like, and you can also pick it out with many patterns and styles. It is a great thing to own, and you can also give it to any crafty friend as a gift. The Washi tape will make anyone happy, and you will enjoy looking at all that is offered online.

Find Washi Tape For A Good Price

If you are planning to buy a lot of washi tape, then you should either try to find it in a discounted store, or you should buy it when it is on sale. You should be smart about it, because, while it looks so cute and is a great thing to own, you won’t want to pay more than you need to for it. So, look around a bit and figure out which store is the smartest one for you to shop.

Look Up Uses For The Washi Tape

If you love the tape but aren’t sure what you can all do with it, then you should look up uses for it online. It will be fun to find creative ways to use it, and you will enjoy using it more and more because of how cute and colorful it is. You can tell your friends all about how it works and get them excited to use it, too. And you can even share the website where you bought it since you were able to find it for a good deal.


Where is the best place for washi tape if you want a low price?

washi tape

Many people love using Japanese washi tape for all kinds of craft projects, as well as for use in scrapbooks and on stationary. The problem comes in when many people look at the prices of washi tape.

There are places where you can find a huge selection of washi tape, however, and at prices you can actually afford. You just have to know where to look.

Shopping for washi tape online — The best place to buy washi tape is online. You may think that means at shops in Japan, but it does not.

In fact, if you buy your Japanese washi tape from an online supplier in Japan, you will often find you are paying high prices. This is because many of them have bricks and mortar stores, so have high operating costs they have to pass onto online customers. It is also because shipping from Japan can be expensive.

That is why, if you are looking for a good selection of cute washi tape, it is best to buy from a non-Japanese supplier instead.

Japanese kawaii product sellers in the U.S. and Europe — Nowadays, there are people that sell a huge variety of Japanese kawaii products online, but they are not based in Japan.

Instead, these people buy from Japanese sellers and then sell their products in their own online shops. As most of them do not have bricks and mortar stores, they can also pass their savings onto their customers. That means, for someone like you, you can get your washi tape at affordable prices.

Finding the right sellers — Finding sellers of kawaii products is easy as well. Just join an online forum dedicated to kawaii, and you will find hundreds of consumers that can tell you exactly where online to shop.


The Ease of Creating Crafts with Washi Tape


The Ease of Creating Crafts with Washi Tape

People who enjoy making craft projects are often very resourceful. Many individuals incorporate everyday household items into the designs and projects they create. Manufacturers of craft supplies are often quick to notice the unique ways these people use items such as freezer paper and duct tape. This has led to the increase of specialized craft supplies such as Washi tape, to be made available in a variety of colors and designs. Anyone interested in purchasing the various styles of Washi tape could find more varieties available through an online retailer.

Easy to Make Projects

Since Washi tape has an adhesive back, using it to make projects is extremely easy. In fact the hardest aspect to creating a design with this tape is in drawing out the lines. This tape could be used to decorate a variety of items made of different materials. It is the perfect medium to use on school supplies such as notebook covers and pencil cases. It could also be used to create unique looking decorations. This tape could be strategically placed around a small glass or ceramic vase to add interest. Since this particular type of tape is made of natural fibers with a low tack adhesive back it could also be used to decorate walls.

A Variety of Designs

One of the more desirable aspects of washi tape is the huge array of colors and designs it can be found in. An online retailer could also offer this tape in varying widths to accommodate the different needs of today’s craft enthusiasts. In addition to being available in assorted solid colors, this tape could also be printed with everything from flags, flowers and donuts to stripes and polka dots. It could even be available in metallic styles that would be perfect for an array of holiday themed projects.


Get Washi Tape From A Great Online Store


Find Washi Tape At An Online Shop

When you want to get something like washi tape, and you want to make sure that you will have many options in front of you when you are picking it out, you should check out the online stores that sell it. You should buy from one of them so that you will get everything that you want in regard to the styles of tape that are offered. You will feel excited when you are able to pick out some fun washi tape for you and for your friends.


You Can Use It For Any Purpose You Choose

There are a lot of ways that washi tape can be used, and you can look up inspiration when you buy it. You will want to get more of it when you realize just how many ways you can personally use it. You will be glad that the tape is so readily available and that it is as cheap as it is from the store where you have purchased it.


You Should Leave A Review That Everyone Can See

When you find a great store for washi tape and pick out everything that you want from it, you should then leave a review based on how you really feel about the store. You will help others to know what is best when you give the review, and they will be glad that there was someone like you out there who was willing to help point them in the right direction. So, check out reviews when you are searching for washi tape, and make sure that you leave a review with your true feelings after you buy it.